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Mr Voss Candle



Simone Voss Luxury Fragrances are unisex and can be enjoyed by everyone. Crafted and hand-poured in Australia, Simone Voss candles immortalise evocative scents within a soy

blend wax. Imbued with personalities unique to scent characteristics, fragrances convey the individual and

complex dynamism of people.

Created to complement one another in a cohesive series; our perfumes translate the sublime possibilities

of fine fragrance into an experiential form. Whether a maverick, renegade, pacifier or professor, there's a

definitive Simone Voss luxury fragrance for you.


112mm x 103mm x 103mm

This soy-blend wax candle is designed for up to fifty-five hours of burning.

To amplify its effect, burn for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of four.


Where a candle snuffer is unavailable, blow gently and steadily to extinguish the flame.

Ensuring the candlewick is upright, trim before relighting.

An ideal wick length is five to seven millimetres.


Columbus, Don Vitone, Signor Casanova