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Wildflower Waltz II Artwork- 120x120cm


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Wildflower Waltz II Canvas Art Print – The wildflowers waltz across the canvas in this abstract artwork, letting each brush stroke tell a story. Featuring a chaotic composition that melds into a symphony of colour and texture, this piece brings a warm energy with shades of brown, blue, yellow, and pink. Pair with Wildflower Waltz I.

"Discover Moodscapes, a collection where art meets soul, transforming spaces into sanctuaries of mood and expression. With its sweeping abstracts, nature-inspired vistas, and poignant portraits, each piece in this series invites a tactile and visual experience.

The palette is a whisper of earthy neutrals punctuated by bold colour statements, evoking a range of emotions, from reflective calm to spirited joy.

The best part? This collection was curated so that you can mix and match each artwork, no matter which one. Choose your favourites and the colours will complement perfectly, every time."