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Citron Artwork- 75x100cm


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Citron Canvas Art Print – A glimpse into the other side of a freshly squeezed glass of lemonade, this piece brings a light energy to your space with softened textures and colours. Against a muted pink backdrop, bright yellow and lime green shades pop, with some dark green, a hint of orange, and a darker pink used to tie everything together for the ultimate fresh summer feel. Shadows help add depth to the artwork, whilst reminding you of the comforting warmth of a hot summer's day.

The Citrus II Collection captures all the comfort we feel on those sweet summer mornings and lazy summer afternoons, basking in the sun, surrounded by loved ones, and thinking about nothing. What makes this collection standout is its focus on fresh summer fruits, from juicy lemons, to sour limes, honey figs, sweet pears, and scrumptious blood oranges. Warm tones of yellow, orange, red, and pink are carried throughout, with undertones of soft grey and beige for a mellowed feel, making these artworks versatile for many interior design styles. Using flat colours and soft brush strokes, this hand painted collection is just what you need to lighten up and refresh your space.