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Glass of Shiraz Artwork- 90x120cm


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Glass of Shiraz Canvas Art Print – The ultimate artwork for every red wine lover. This modern art print will transport your space to a French holiday, wine tasting in Bordeaux, glass of Shiraz in hand, glamorous puffy sleeve in frame. The palette is simple and versatile for any interior style, with shades of brown and beige, as well as a deep berry red tone for the glass of wine.

Introducing the On Vacation Collection that encapsulates cherished memories and transports you to idyllic moments in time. With a harmonious blend of beach prints, coastal wall art, retro car art, and more, these pieces celebrate the beauty of nature, nostalgic elegance, and the vibrant spirit of Australia.

Embark on a visual journey with each piece from this collection, from contemporary abstract canvas art that brings a sophisticated energy to your home, to river artwork that echoes the gentle flow of life.

Colours range from soft, warm and cool neutrals to brighter tones, making this a versatile collection for any interior style.

Let these modern art prints become the soul of your space today.