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Nature’s Kaleidoscope Artwork 50cmx150cm


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A painting featuring rich burgundy hues juxtaposed against deep, lush tones set within a tranquil bush landscape. The dominant burgundy tones evoke a sense of warmth and depth, while the deeper colours add complexity and contrast. Within the bush setting, perhaps shadows play against the foliage, enhancing the interplay of light and dark. The overall composition may convey a serene atmosphere, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature’s intricacies. This artwork might capture the essence of the wilderness, offering a contemplative space for reflection and appreciation of the natural world’s majesty.


Based in the beautiful NSW mid-north coast, Catherine Garrod finds inspiration in her stunning natural surroundings. Working with a diverse range of mediums, her artistic education has been primarily self-directed, shaped by the influences and collaborations with other talented and inspiring artists. Her work can be found in private collections around Australia and the world, resonating with art lovers far and wide.

In her creative process, Catherine delves into the concept of the earth’s surface, approaching it with a nostalgic lens. She explores the dynamics of our environment and skillfully manipulates its effects to generate thought-provoking and visually captivating artworks. Through her work, she often references recognizable forms, which serve as points of connection for viewers. However she also ventures into deconstruction, pushing the boundaries of perception and meaning. By breaking down and rearranging elements, she prompts a shift in interpretation, inviting viewers to engage with multifaceted layers of significance.

Catherine is also well-known and loved for her popular local workshops in various mediums, cementing her as a force in the Australian contemporary art space.