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Get the designer look for less with a quality Brazilian cowhide rug. These versatile, one-of-a-kind, ethically sourced natural hide rugs will add rustic charm and textured interest to any room. Use it as the foundation for your decor style, or layer it with other rugs or textiles to make a statement. 

These beautiful Brazilian Cow Hides make a unique statement piece for any home. They are carefully hand selected, ensuring that our collection has only the highest quality hides.

Though we have taken great care in ensuring our cowhides are of high quality, we can’t guarantee that you won’t receive a hide without a small stitch, patch, or branding – as expected in a natural product.

Hides of Excellence genuine solid white cowhide rugs have the most exquisite tones and luster. Made from the finest quality Brazilian animal hide, these sustainable floor coverings with the hair-on-hide on one side, and the natural non-slip leather hide back, will effortlessly transform any space adding a layer of luxury through its delicate sheen and soft silky texture.

These cow hide rug is an ethically sourced animal by-product with hypoallergenic and hard wearing qualities that make it suitable for home interior styling.

The tanning of each hide follows stringent environmentally friendly processing, free from harmful chemicals and AZYO dyes which ensures it is perfectly safe for people, pets and gentle on the environment

Please note that being a 100% genuine product, any hair-on-hide markings, stitches on the reverse of the hide, and the organic shape of the hide is a hallmark of its rare natural beauty.

Size Range: approx 3 – 4 sqm or 2.2m x 2.1m

Made in: Brazil

100% Cowhide

Hair on hide one side with non-slip leather hide back

Extremely hard wearing and easy to clean. Suitable for high foot traffic areas.


Brown and White No. 6, Dark Brindle, Grey No. 4, Light Brindle