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Sunflower Notebook- Small


This product embodies a beautiful blend of craftsmanship and environmental consciousness. Hand block printing, a traditional art form, lends a unique, artisanal touch to each piece, ensuring no two are exactly alike. The use of 100% recycled cotton paper further underscores its commitment to sustainability, reducing waste and lessening its environmental footprint. By opting for eco-friendly materials and production methods, this item promotes responsible consumption practices. It symbolizes a shift towards a more mindful approach to creating and consuming goods, where aesthetics and ethics harmoniously coexist. Choosing such products supports local artisans and encourages the preservation of traditional techniques, fostering cultural sustainability alongside environmental stewardship. Ultimately, it represents a thoughtful choice for individuals seeking to integrate beauty, craftsmanship, and sustainability into their lifestyle.

13cm x 18cm


Light Blue/Red, Blue/Yellow