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Apsley Luxury Candle Santorini 1.7kg


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Transform your space into an aquatic haven with this evocative candle. Embrace dreamy marine top notes, intertwined with patchouli and hints of black pepper. Encased in a premium, one-of-a-kind mouth blown glass vessel, flaunting two wicks and comprising of a decadent soy wax blend, this intoxicating ode to Santorini expels a burn time of up to 180 hours. Our bespoke fragrances have been created in partnership with renowned European perfumers and use the same precious, high quality elements found in designer perfumes. This development takes time and patience. Every step of our candle making process is performed by hand with meticulous attention to detail. We use only the finest blend of botanical soy wax combined with food grade wax. By hand pouring each candle, this formulation allows us to have a generous amount of fragrance throughout the entire candle and a longer lasting burn time. German cotton wicks ensure excellent burn performance, every time. The candle glass and the packaging can be recycled, reused or re purposed. A no animal testing policy is applied to all our products.

Dimension: 15cm diameter x 15cm height


Top Notes Marine Heart

Middle Notes Black Pepper Base Notes Patchouli Fragrance Family Aquatic

How Long: up to 180 hours burn time

Vol/Size 1.7 kg