Perfecto Handwoven Linen Throw


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Welcome to our exquisite "Perfecto" series. Why the name? Well designing this series was a labour of love for our Creative Director, Trudie. Equipped with her hand drawn sketch, she worked for many months with our artisans in India creating what she calls "pieces of art". Each piece is lovingly hand woven from raw, textured linen, then hand-stitched piece by piece to form the contemporary design. Each linen throw will be slightly different from the next, due to the hand-crafted nature of these beauties. But all will follow the same design guidelines as seen here.

Naming this series was easy. As soon as Trudie saw them for the first time the word "Perfecto!" was heard from all corridors of Eadie HQ's.

Oh and wait until you see the Perfecto Linen Cushions. They are a masterpiece!

Celebrating considered, thoughtful, slow, creative design and production processes for our homes. Limited stock, these are very exclusive.