Marseille Lumbar Cushion 40x60cm


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Marseille Yarn Dyed Pure French Linen Pinstriped Cushion 55cm Square or 40x60cm Lumbar Plush Feather Filled – Ginger & White Striped

Created from superior quality linen for a relaxed textured approach to home styling, the Vintage Washed Linen cushions offer a timeless quality.

We think the most common mistake people make for pure French linen is believing the term “luxury,” it has become an excuse for overpriced pure linen products, and a lack of common sense without knowing quality of yarn and actual construction of fabric. 

Features & benefits of linen

Fabric is Yarn Dyed with strong color fastness


Highly breathable & high moisture absorbency

Linen is 30% stronger than cotton

Environmentally friendly- less water and chemicals to cultivate