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Elisa Bartels Cylinder Vase Small


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Our cylinder vases marry beauty and utility with simple elegance.

All our vases are waterproof making them perfect for floral arrangements or display them as stand-alone art pieces.

16cm h & 9cm D

Elisa is propelled to explore the ephemeral cycle of nature.

Her black fired ceramics aim to capture and emulate the fleeting moments of beauty in bloom and decay that signifies the transition of seasons and life cycle of plants.

Elisa Bartels black fired ceramics centre around the transformational alchemy of firing with sawdust in a closed container.

Each piece is wrapped in leaves and then placed in a tin with saw dust and sealed.

During the firing process the pores of the clay open and the smoke of the burning sawdust enters the piece. The leaves on the surface act as a resist.

As the work cools the pores close and smoke is trapped in the clay body resulting in a spectrum of finishes from black to grey with imprints of the leaves.

All the pieces are sealed making them food safe and dishwasher friendly. However, they prefer a gentle human touch.

Please keep in mind each piece is unique and there are no two the same.