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Mosaic Oak Frame


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A collage of random lines, shapes, and patterns come together in perfect harmony, celebrating the beauty in all things unconventional. With a vibrant colour palette featuring lilac undertones and pops of khaki green and warm brown, this piece has a textural feel to it, perfect for bringing a dynamic flair to any space.

Dynamic, emotive, expressive. As its name implies, the Cubist Collection takes inspiration from the cubism era made popular in the early 20th century. Fragmented shapes, deconstructed patterns, and geometric designs take centre stage to bring a sense of character and movement to your space. From honouring the female figure, to exploring the beauty in the abstract, each piece encourages the viewer to think differently about their reality, sparking new perspectives and fresh ideas. Invigorate your sense of creativity with exciting explosions of colour and unique textures, bringing a fresh energy to your space that you never knew you needed.

Dimensions 90cm x 90cm