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Cybus Maximillian Hurricane/Vase


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Welcome to a distinguished world of versatile home fragrance styling with our Abode Aroma® Cybus Crystal Vurricane collection.

Influenced by the Art Deco period and our desire to encourage the repurposing of vessels, these beautiful cut crystal pieces can be used as a candle hurricane or a vase – hence the inspired conception of a Vurricane

The exquisite hand-cut and polished crystal pieces are designed to be admired and adored. Each one hand-crafted by an artisan master with a passion for creating an elegant fusion of classic and contemporary design. With their skilful mastery our artists have crafted impressively weighty vessels, the Maximillion Crystal Vurricane is an incredible 8.35 kg in weight.

The Vurricane collection can be paired with our Abode Aroma® Scented Refill Pillar Candles


18cm x 18cm x 14cm (Weight 8.35 kg)